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One of the names that has consistently cropped up in the course of this blog over the past three years is that of Chaplin Chang. I suspect many Bruce Lee fans out there will already know Chaplin, or at least heard of his name, because he was the Assistant Director to Robert Clouse during the filming of Enter the Dragon. However, having now met Chaplin on several occasions I know that his involvement in the HK -film industry  stretches all the way back to the late 1950's when he was given the opportunity of being in front of the camera on many Hokkien films made in Hong Kong for the overseas Chinese film market.

Not only that, but Chaplin's excellent English language abilities and his diplomatic nature seem to have been key in winning roles both in front and behind the cameras in a plethora of foreign-produced movies filmed here in Hong Kong.

It's no surprise then that Chaplin has been involved in many of the movies I have highlighted on this blog, either as an extra, or as a member of the film crew and sometimes even as both. So, in homage to Chaplin, who is still going strong and seems to have more energy than me even though he is twice my age, I thought it would be fun to highlight all the times he has appeared in front of the camera. The list will grow as I cover more films, but here are a few to get started with.

Ferry to Hong Kong (1959) - passenger who alerts the ferry crew to the burning Chinese junk boat.

The Yin and Yang of Mr Go (1970) - Chinese gang's translator

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) - guy sitting next to Maud Adams in Macau Casino

Golden Needles (1974) - Ambulance attendant

Flatfoot in Hong Kong (1975) - guy who Bud follows to Macau

Cracker: White Ghost (1996) - Love Hotel manager

Chinese Box (1997) - can crushing homeless guy

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