For Budding Sleuths...

Well, here we are, a collection of images from all the films I have looked at that so far elude my immensely impressive powers of deduction...hehe ;-)

So let's start from...erm nowhere in particular, but I will group them by film to make it easier for everyone. I'll start with two films from the 70's and see how we get on. No prizes for getting it right (sadly) but a nice acknowledgement and the satisfaction that you can do this kind of challenge. Guesses are also welcome, but firm positive ID is what is needed.

Hong Kong (1960)

Now that I have done all the locations from Rod Taylor's show (all 2 episodes), here are a few locations that still elude me, or that I haven't been able to confirm 100% to include. They're in no particular episode order. Please feel free to let me know if you can confirm any locations.

Tram lines. So Des Voeux Road?
Perhaps someone recognises the window slats of this corner building.
 Anyone recognise this waterfront location?
 I think this (3 images) is Queen's Road West turning up Hollywood Road?
Queen's Road West just past Bonham Strand?
Shanty town, but where?
Perhaps Johnston Road?
Taylor's new apartment after the show stopped using 17 Magazine Gap Road.
 Some street scenes
 Some night time neon. Does anyone recognise them?
An interesting house, perhaps on the peak? Does anyone recognise the road layout?
Another house. I'm convinced this one is in/near Jardine's Lookout
but I can't match it to available aerial photos.
 There's no 'arm in telling me where this was...
 Taylor walking uphill, so maybe Wellington Street or nearby?
 Probably Queen's Road but I can't confirm.

Anyway, it would be nice if anyone can help because if I can get at least 5 more locations identified for this show then it will be the show with the most number. The current leader is Yellowthread Street with 81!

Felicity (1978)

Some shots from Felicity that I am having problems locating. Perhaps shot in the Causeway Bay/Happy Valley area as a lot of the film was shot in and around here. Does anyone recognise the arch over the steps? It looks like a school was nearby. Perhaps not in the same location but that curved road and building must be recognisable to someone.

Les Fruits de la Passion (1981)

Although only used as an exterior establishing shot (as far as I can tell), this house has intrigued me. It reminds me a lot of the Fanling Babies Home and it makes me wonder if this was another one of the villas in On Lok village. Suggestions welcome.

Supermen Against the Orient (1973)

Here is a large temple complex that I can't seem to place. Does anyone remember the pink wall with the circular moon gate?

A Queen's Ransom (1976)

Now, I understand that the Queen included Morse Park in her visit, but does anyone recognise this as being there?

How about this carpark?

The film finale takes place near a large river mouth that has this white wooden bridge spanning it. Any ideas?

And here is the "other" house that I mentioned in the posts. This place combined with the garden of 41 Cumberland Road make up the baddies' hideout.

Club New World anyone?

Heisser Hafen Hongkong (1962)

Does anyone remember this place?

Weiße Fracht für Hongkong (1963)

How about some flashy neon. It's always nice to see this sort of stuff as it is very much a dying art in HK.

China Cry (1990)

I just remembered that I also have some outstanding locations to find for China Cry, so here they are. As far as I know this film was made almost exclusively in HK and Macau, so I'm hoping these locations are also easy for someone to recognise.

First up is the university where the main characters first meet. It's a significant size place with brown brick and what looks like art deco styling.

Next up is a very small glimpse of an art deco apartment block. Could be HK or Macau. Does anyone recognise the exterior and the wrought iron gate?

Next up is the walled compound where the Japanese are based. To be honest, their is something not quite right about this place so it could easily be a studio construction, but I'm still hopeful it was a real place.

And finally, the open stretch of sandy land where our characters make a run for freedom to the border of HK. I think this is HK somewhere but am unsure where...perhaps near Chi Ma Wan on Lantau?

Shirley's World (1972)

A few left over locations from the various episodes filmed in HK.

The last one is a tailor shop called "Leung Yin" ( 梁然高等洋服有限公司). I found a business entry online but no luck with the address, does anyone remember the location with its very distinctive facade?

Ein Sarg aus Hongkong (1964)

There's a whole bunch of shots from this film that I am having trouble placing. Please comment if you can help.

Mongkok or Yau Ma Tei or ...?
Wall on one side - perhaps west side of Austin Road?

Shadow of China (1989)

I'm a bit stuck on this rather nice old house - painted black and white back in 1989. I expect it to have been redeveloped by now but perhaps someone can remember where it was?

Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine (1965)

Some real stumpers to be had in this film, compounded by the length of time that has passed since it was made (50+ years).

The following car scenes were snipped from the beginning just before Belmondo crashes the car into the sea off Cape Collinson.

Blackhat (2015)

The development where Wang Leehom lives. A white tiled building with metal columns near the lobby and the potential address of 54 - 56 somewhere or other.

The Last Grenade (1970)

I'm curious about this place. I thought it must be one of the ex-British Barracks in Hong Kong, but which one? RAF Sek Kong?

Some street scenes on the drive from the airport (but looks like HK Island to me).

Actually, the bottom picture has a street sign in it, but the definition is too low to make out properly. Any suggestions welcome.

And finally a rural road that has me flummoxed. Does anyone recognise the ridge at the back?

Shatter (1974)

Despite the fact that I have managed to squeeze a good few spots from this film there are still many more that elude my detection, so I am hoping there is someone out there who can help. Here they are:

 NT somewhere - does anyone recognise that rather striking wall and gateway?
This is supposed to be Macau. Top picture looks like the peninsula nr the old pier.
 But was the second picture taken at the ferry piers?
This final fight scene was filmed at a real hotel coffee bar - but which one?
Does anyone recognise the wooden inscribed pillars or the mural?
 The rather nasty comeuppance of the bad guys. Perhaps a hotel?


  1. Hi Phil,

    Happy new year!

    For the 2nd photo under "Kowloon Car Chase", it maybe the 裕和隆 restaurant in Lau Fau Shan, which of course specialized in oyster dishes and the decor suggest. I cannot find any photos of this restaurant, only some vague textural references to it.


    1. Hi Arthur, happy new year to you too. Many thanks,this certainly makes sense because this is the scene immediately prior to the shootout on the beach at Lau Fau Shan. It gives me a name I can work with and keep an eye open for pictures. Much appreciated. Phil

  2. Hi Phil,
    For the photo "a street market", I just had a free search on two of the meat shop signs on Google, which turned out that "Wah Seng" and "Shing Hing" meat are currently both on Cross St, Wanchai. Maybe we can dug deeper as they may not be on the current address before. Guess we can check if some of the older building still standing there matches.


    1. Thanks Arthur. Food for thought...literally!

  3. Hi Phil,
    It may not be a useful hint. For the 2nd photo "Mongkok or Yau Ma Tei or ...?" The sign on the truck says "Tung Nam" catering service, which they did "cook on-site service for home banquets. It's descendant "Tai Loi Tung Nam" is now at 865 Canton Road as shown on Google Street View.

    1. I can't remember if the truck was parked up in the film or moving along. I'll go back and check.

  4. Hi Phil,
    For the !st photo with the sign of Ping On Watch company, see if that was the branch at 147 Shanghai St., as somebody posted a newspaper ad here from 1963?


    1. thanks Arthur, it could be because it is definitely at a road intersection. I notice that the block has been replaced by a rest garden. I'll have a deeper delve and see if I can match anything else.
      Cheers, Phil

  5. Hi Phil, <---- For this one I believe we could tighten up the search to Government carparks. The built of the carpark itself looked very similar to other older government carparks still standing today.

    It is still a big if though.


    1. Hi Phil,

      I think we can cross out the two still standing in Central and Sheung Wan. as well as the now demolished Middle Road multi-car park. As the adjacent grey building did not match.

      Most of the other Government car parks are built in the 1980's......

      Maybe you should get Carl to take a look and see if that's the former Kai Tai Airport Car Park.


    2. Thanks Thomas. Definitely worth investigating further. Phil

  6. Hi Phil, <--- For this one, Morse Park had been rebuilt over the decades. If the film was indeed shot in Morse Park, it would likely be one of the concrete soccer pitches as those should be big enough for parade and/or other entertainment activities. Likely have to lookup older maps of the time for more information.


  7. Hi Phil,

    For this one ( likely the junction of Jubilee and DVC.


    1. thanks T, I'll keep my eye open for older images that can confirm.

  8. Hi Phil,

    For this one ( I guess we have seen it before in one of your other screen captures. It should be the Hollywood\Lynhurt Terrace junction facing west. The grey\white building in the middle is the clue.


    1. Hi T, it doesn't look right because that would make the two images above it Lyndhurst terrace and there is no slope on the first image. I still think this looks more like QRW and Hollywood Rd i.e. the far western end point of HR. Phil

  9. Hi Phil,

    For this one ( the neon sign reads 皇上皇. Their last store front was in Nathan Road close to Argyle Street, south bound. They had had other branches back then though.