Tuesday, 13 October 2020

The Black Dragon's Revenge - Ronnie Van Clief (1975) - Villa Alfavista, Tsing Lung Tau

I think this will be the last post from me here for a while as, due to various circumstances, I have to head back to the UK. Sadly for me, the UK has been put on a high risk list for HK returnees which mean my stay will be much longer than originally intended. Anyway, I'll still be online, just not able to produce anything for this blog for the time being.

Anyway, back to Tsing Lung Tau and this time we are next door to Dragon Villa at an apartment complex called Villa Alfavista. For some reason, for the finale, the film crew decided to film the actors walking through the grounds here rather than the actual location next door (even though they filmed much of the finale next door anyway).

You can also see Villa Alfavista in the background behind Ronnie's head in the next image.

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