Monday, 11 May 2020

Je l'aimais - Daniel Auteuil (2009) - Fo Tan Cooked Food Market, Fo Tan

One of the venues that the pair go to on their trips out is the cooked food market in Fo Tan. For those who don't know what these places are they are the HK equivalent of Singapore's Hawker Bazaars - essentially a cluster of informal eateries serving cheap but usually excellent quality food. Despite them being a thriving and excellent part of HK food culture, the HK government hates al fresco dining (the HK Govt hates anyone enjoying themselves) and likes them to be inside and out of everybody's way, and so there are a bunch of purpose-built cooked food centres all over Hong Kong serving really good food but lacking the outdoor environment.

Fo Tan is one of those places where the outdoor 'dai pai dong' format still exists and it's well worth a visit. I was at this very same place just a few months ago before the COVID19 measures were put into place and it was excellent. The Govt punishes these places by denying them alcohol licenses but the proprietors just tell you to head up the road to the local 7-11 or 759 store and buy some cheap beer and they will provide ice buckets and bottle openers for those wanting some beer refreshment.

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