Thursday, 19 March 2020

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong - Jamie Chung (2015) - Sense 99, Wellington Street

Just a couple of places to go for this film now and this one is another real venue and one that, this time, I can actually say I have been to. Sense 99 on Wellington Street was a live music venue/bar housed in one of the very skinny Chinese tenements that proliferate around many parts of Hong Kong. This is where Josh gets caught in a bit of a situation by one of his girlfriend's mates. Whoops!

Sadly, this rather nice (but noisy!) location closed down last year after the greedy landlord decided to up the rent by some ridiculous, but par for the course in HK, amount and the place had to move. I believe its new location is just up the road on Peel Street. Of course, what with Coronavirus doing the rounds, it may have closed down again already.

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