Saturday, 8 February 2020

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong - Jamie Chung (2015) - Queensway, Central

The next location is a much larger area compared to the narrow streets that have taken up much of the last few posts. This is the stretch of Queensway in front of the Cheung Kong Centre and Bank of China Tower just before it turns into Queen's Road Central. The scene starts off with the camera positioned on the Garden Road flyover looking down as the two cross the road.

We then get some nice views looking up at the various tall buildings here including the much smaller (but more stylish) Bank of China Building (the older BoC), HSBC HQ, Cheung Kong Centre and the Bank of China Tower.

There is a brief shot of the pair as they enter Chater Garden...

...and then inexplicably (though keeping with the illogical way the walk has gone up to now) they end up all the way back over to the Garden Road flyover where the camera was located for the opening shot. The spiral staircase is the same one that you can walk down from Garden Road back onto Queensway by the entrance to Chater Garden.

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