Saturday, 15 June 2019

Banzaï - Coluche (1983) - The Belvedere, Plantation Road

Michel and co get in the middle (by mistake, courtesy of a crooked colleague) of a drug tug-of-war between two criminal factions. The criminal bosses, one a Westerner the other Chinese, are taking it in turns to upstage each other at a garden party somewhere on the Peak.

After a significant amount of searching, it turns out this rather lovely house was "The Belvedere" - the former so-called "Taipan house" of the Shell oil company.

There's an angle from the other side of it over here on FLICKR courtesy of Andrew Tse, but the film company only shot from the opposite side in the front garden terrace. I'm not sure when the building was knocked down (sometime around 1994/95), but it was turned into (as is always the case with these larger old land plots) multi billion dollar luxury houses - in this case five of them - built in 1997.

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