Sunday, April 14, 2019

Vanessa - Olivia Pascal (1977) - Kai Tak Airport, Kowloon

The 70s appears to have been a good decade for soft porn films in Hong Kong because the year after Laura Gemser was swinging around snakes in Black Cobra Woman, Olivia Pascal arrived for the filming of the German production, Vanessa.

The story follows a convent raised girl who suddenly inherits a business in Hong Kong from her deceased uncle. She heads over there to find out that the business is in fact a chain of brothels as well as a large plantation.There's a few new locations in here which I haven't seen on film before so it's worth including despite the picture quality not being the best.

The film starts off in Bavaria but its not long before we are treated to a sweeping view of Kai Tak as Vanessa's Thai airways plane comes into land on the runway from the east.

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