Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Lotus for Miss Quon - Lang Jeffries (1967) - Lam Kam Road, Lam Tsuen

One of the more unfortunate incidents of the film is when Jason has discovered the diamonds and is stopped from leaving the mansion by his servant, who just happens to be an undercover copper charged with keeping an eye on him in case the diamonds turn up.

A scuffle ensues and the poor cop is killed by accident and Jason undertakes an elaborate scheme to make the body look like a victim of a road crash. The body is dumped and later found by his corrupt boss. The actual location of the body dump is too difficult to find (for now) but the general area may have been in Lam Tsuen because the sequence where the cops park their car to investigate (i.e. look for the diamonds) was filmed along the Lam Kam Road in Lam Tsuen.

The hill in the far background is Lung Shan in Fanling which indicates that this scene was shot somewhere along Lam Kam Road close to the intersection with Tai Po Road. The nearest village would be San Uk Pai (新屋排) (behind the camera).

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