Sunday, July 8, 2018

Les Fruits de la Passion - Klaus Kinski (1981) - Cheung Chau, Outlying Islands

In case you doubt my willingness to try and make this blog as complete a record of HK film locations as possible, I present to you Les Fruits de la Passion. It's a French/Japanese co production starring Klaus Kinski as some rich dude who makes his mistress join a brothel in order to show her devotion to him. Probably one of the worst films I've ever watched for this blog (and don't forget I covered T.N.T Jackson a few weeks back).

Anyway, the first few scenes show various people arriving by boat on a small waterfront somewhere. I initially figured it to be Sai Kung - a place that has been on quite a few films here already - but on closer examination realised it was in fact Cheung Chau.

The scene also ends with a brief glimpse of a temple front. It's the Pak Tai temple on Cheung Chau - quite recognisable despite the poor film quality. It looks like that stone incense urn is still there.

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