Friday, July 6, 2018

DOA: Dead or Alive - Devon Aoki (2006) - Whitehead Point, Ma On Shan

Once every has received their flying bladed invites, they board a private plane to take them to the island where it is held. It's here that they are told via video broadcast that in order to get there they must immediately don parachutes and bail out of the plane. The three main leads drift off course and set down on a tropical beach. In this case though, I can confirm, it is only sub-tropical and a short trip from the first location in Tolo Harbour (in fact only about 500 metres to the south of that location).

I'm not sure if this beach has a name but it is located on the north coast of Whitehead Point. If you want to see the exact spot then please click on the location link at the bottom of the post. Once again you can see Pak Sha Tau in the background. If you look carefully in the second image and you can just make out the dam wall of Plover Cove reservoir behind Holly Valance, in the distance.

A note for die-hard kungfu fans. The headland in the background of the top image is the same headland that forms the north shore of Starfish Bay  a location used for a whole plethora of old kung fu flicks (as can be seen on the left of the last two images in Andi's post here).

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