Wednesday, July 4, 2018

DOA: Dead or Alive - Devon Aoki (2006) - Connaught Road, Central

More sights from the bike escape as we drive back towards Central along Connaught Road. The first image shows the bike heading east along Connaught Road right in front of the Admiralty Centre. This area has changed a fair bit due to the construction of the new Govt HQ building on the north side of the road. There is now a foot bridge that links both sides of the road almost directly above where the bike is. Also, for some reason the MTR decided to take down their large illuminated sign.

Then, all of a sudden we are heading back in the opposite direction, but along the same stretch of road. In the first image below, the illuminated building in the far right is Exchange Square and if you look carefully you can make out City Hall in front of it. On the left is the AIA Central building which replaced the Furama Hotel just a few years prior to filming. The second image shows the view looking back in the opposite direction with a bus pulling out in front of the Hong Kong Club building (far right of image).

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