Wednesday, June 6, 2018

T.N.T Jackson - Jeanne Bell (1974) - Tsz Wan Shan, Kowloon

The location of T.N.T's dodgy meet up turns out to be somewhere near Tsz Wan Shan, or at least that is where one of the quick shots takes us as the taxi heads up Shatin Pass Road towards the shanty town that was replaced by the Shatin Pass Estate. The only problem is that the original Shatin Pass Estate (or at least the buildings on the same site before they were given that name) was already built by 1974 so I am beginning to think this may in fact be some stock footage.

Looking at the images below, the most prominent feature is the modern looking (rather incongruous) building on the hillside. This is the Tsz Wan Shan police station and is still there - albeit now dwarfed by the surrounding development. Just to the left is a slope that marks the back end of the local service reservoir and we should be able to see the Shatin Pass Estate at the top of this slope, ain't there. So either this footage was filmed pre-1967, or the original Shatin Pass Estate was tiny, or the dates given by wikipedia about when it was built are wrong.

Without knowing the build date for the police station it's hard to know, but, I'm going to plump for the first option because another film shot in the same year, Shatter, shows the station was still painted white in 1974 (the sides look red or brown below). Here is the reminder of that film. You can see the police station (from the opposite angle) in the picture fourth from the bottom.

If anyone has any other ideas about why I can't see the estate, feel free to leave a comment.

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