Thursday, June 7, 2018

T.N.T Jackson - Jeanne Bell (1974) - The Repulse Bay Hotel, Repulse Bay

The last post from T.N.T Jackson for a while because I still have a couple of shots I need to figure out. For the most part, there were some other locations that were obviously not in Hong Kong and I can only assume these were shot in the Philippines (actually, I found one place was a Buddhist temple located in a place called Caloocan in Metropolitan Manila).

Anyway, here is a brief view of the Repulse Bay Hotel as one of the characters (an undercover CIA agent) goes there for a clandestine meeting.

 Incidentally, Glenn Griffith, the great mind behind A Pessimist is Never Disappointed, pointed me to one of his old posts about a documentary on these 1970s female Blaxploitation films. In case you are interested, you can also read about when Glenn first moved to Hong Kong back in 2012 and I took him for lunch in Taipo. I'm a bit sad reading that post now because Glenn's very last picture is of the famous roast meat restaurant, Yat Lok, which closed down just a couple of weeks ago (it was my go to eatery when ever I was back there).

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