Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Chinese Stuntman - Bruce Li (1981) - Cox's Road, Kowloon

I forgot to put this post up for The Chinese Stuntman a few weeks back. It's just a quick shot of Ladalski and Li walking up Cox's Road in front of the old Scout HQ - Morse House. In another interesting connection with the real Bruce Lee, this was where Lee and brother Robert used to go sometimes as it was just around the corner from their house on Nathan Road. The building was knocked down in the mid 1990's and replaced by a development called Carmen's Garden. The address is/was 9 Cox's Road.

The first two shots are looking south down Cox's Road, the buildings in the distance being on Austin Road. On the far left of the top picture you can just see the wall of the Kowloon Cricket Club building. The third image is looking north and the old building on the left was still part of the HQ - you can see it over on - but just beyond there is the edge/balcony of the Manse House that still sits on the corner of Cox's Road and Jordan Road.

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