Thursday, June 14, 2018

Spearhead in Hong Kong - Stafford Gordon (1981) - Man Kam To, Sheung Shui

In episode 2, Have a Happy Day, the soldiers are still on their anti-II patrols and a journalist (played by Nick Tate - an actor who I remember mostly from my childhood for being in Space 1999) joins the patrols to write a report for a local newspaper. Cue Nicholas Lyndhurst as Private Wilson who  mentions that they are in Man Kam To which was/is one of the several border crossings into the Mainland. Given the fact that the observation post here was already well within the Frontier Closed Area, I am doubtful the actual scene with the actors was shot there. However, we are treated to some shots of the surrounding area including the view over the bridge crossing to the Mainland side as well as a couple of shots either side of that area. The first shot is looking east and the other I (assume) is looking west.

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