Sunday, June 10, 2018

Shirley's World (TV Series) - Shirley MacLaine (1972) - Pilkem Street, Kwun Chung

Many thanks to Bunce for the identification of this formerly hard to find location from Shirley's World. It's from the Figuratively Speaking episode and is just a quick shot of Shirley out and about taking pictures. The slatted building on the left is Pilkem House, so this means we are looking north from somewhere close to the junction with Bowring Street (around where exit C2 of Jordan Station is these days). The angle makes me think Bowring Street is behind her though.


  1. Hi Phil,

    This one is keeping us long enough. If C2 exit of Jorden Station is concerned, it is on Pilkem & Browing. That would mean likely Shirley was facing Browing Street.

    On the other hand, it seemed the building next to Pilkem House (Shing Hing House) still exist today. Even the wall looks the same.


    1. Hi Thomas, yes, it's hard to say exactly where she is standing because I know the film lens often stretches the angle making it difficult to judge true distance. I can't see Bowring St junction behind so I think you are probably right. Cheers, Phil