Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Peking Medallion - Robert Stack (1967) - Siu Lam, Tuen Mun

The final scene in the film, as the remaining characters make a dash for the Hong Kong border while being pursued by Communist soldiers, was filmed out in a small place called Siu Lam in Tuen Mun District. It's a small valley that was no doubt once part of a river before the Tai Lam Chung reservoir blocked up part of it.

The latter picture is the view from - at a guess - about halfway between the Tai Lam Chung reservoir dam and the coast. I initially thought the flat bit in the distance was the area now filled by the Palatial Coast development, but I think - centre left - you can just make out the cutting where the old Castle Peak Road went through the area. If so, this would put the actors somewhere near today's Hong Fai Road - just to the left of where the aforementioned modern residential stands. The flat area in front is therefore where a modern day barbeque centre stands, right next to the beach. The coastline in the distance is the north coast of Lantau Island.

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