Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Peking Medallion - Robert Stack (1967) - Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

After escaping the clutches of the nefarious Triad and its beautiful leader, Nancy Kwan, Stack is given a lift back to his hotel by the dodgy police chief he has befriended. What follows is a brief sequence shot from a car as it travels down Nathan Road at the Kwun Chung/Tsim Sha Tsui end.

The initial screen grab shows the start of the sequence just before the junction of Nathan Road with Austin Road, followed by the junction itself where you can see the "National Radios" sign on the corner building.

 Next up are some of the famous Nathan Road banyan trees as we move further south, followed by the junction with Hillwood Road. The shophouses with their pavement columns have long since gone but the white building on the corner below is still around. It's the A. Kun Lok Building. It's nice a shiny here because it was brand new in 1966. These days it has changed a bit but is still recognisable.

Next up you can just make out the old wall of St Andrew's Church. This has now been assigned to history itself because the church knocked it down to building a new auditorium called the Life Centre. There was a significant amount of opposition given the age of the wall and the fact that it was a bit more picturesque than the big ugly thing that has replaced it, but there you have HK in a nutshell. On a plus point the church did retain the old entrance archway.

And the greatest irony of all is the fact that all this went on right next door to the so-called Antiquities and Monuments Office - located in the former Kowloon British School building. Built in 1902, you can see its arches in the last picture below.

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