Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Peking Medallion - Robert Stack (1967) - Castle Peak Bay, Tuen Mun

In another strange mixing of locations, despite spending 10 minutes zipping around Port Shelter before heading into the dock, the film quickly switches to film the boat coming into the beach at Castle Peak Bay with the original Tai Pak restaurant in the background.

In the film it is supposedly a floating casino owned by a gangster who also wants the medallion.

The restaurant was located right next to the waterfront at Sam Shing Hui - the area was reclaimed, along with a massive portion of the previously picturesque bay, and the Sam Shing Estate now sits on the same area.

Remember that this was the very original Tai Pak - featured in those early films such as The World of Suzie Wong. It was moved from Aberdeen sometime before or in 1962, because by the 1962 release of Heisser Hafen Hongkong, you can see it had already been replaced by the current version still seen in the harbour today.

Look carefully at this end of the restaurant boardwalk and you can see a stone pillar with a white top just centre right. This is the same pillar that can be seen in this photo over on FLICKR. Although the uploader has said it is in Shatin in error.

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