Friday, May 18, 2018

The Peking Medallion - Robert Stack (1967) - Sai Kung, New Territories

Following on from the train fight, we are then introduced to Stack's photographer character who has snuck into Communist China to take surreptitious photos of the locals. He's discovered by soldiers and does a runner. Fortunately for him he runs into a boat owned by the recent medallion stealer and they escape together.In reality though the two escapees aren't in China but just up the road in Sai Kung.

The first shot of the boat looks to have been taken along the coastline very close to the modern day roundabout where Tai Mong Tsai Road meets Sai Sha Road.

The boat then heads out into Port Shelter with Sharp island in the far background and the double humped Cham Tau Chau and Pak Sha Chau.

Also a few shots looking back towards the West Country Park coastline from the eastern side of Sharp Island.

And a couple shots in the same place but this time looking back south towards High Junk peak in the far distance (lower photo far right).

And some final shots of the speedboat as it approaches Sai Kung town to evade the chasing PLA Navy boat. The lower shot is of course looking back out towards Sharp Island.

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