Monday, May 14, 2018

The Chinese Stuntman - Bruce Li (1981) - Stubbs Road, Wanchai

Li's character (actually, I should call him by his real name, Ho Chung Tao, because that's what he is credited as in the film) starts his new job as an insurance salesman at the AIA Building at #1 Stubbs Road in Wanchai. This building was opened in 1969 and is still around, although the last time I went past in the bus (sometime around Feb 2018) it looked as though something major was about to happen with it with lots of sprayed on markings on the outside lattice work.


  1. Hi There,

    The AIA Building used to have a canteen in the lower levels back in the 1970's. Strange enough it is opened to the public and students and workers in the neighbourhood could go in a have a quick lunch, which costed just a few bucks back then. Don't know if the establishment still exist after all these years.


    1. Hi T, thanks for that nice little tidbit. I went past it again yesterday and I wonder if the buildings dept have done an inspection on it - it has blue spray painted markings all over it that remind me of what happens when an old building needs to work done to get back up to code. Cheers, Phil

  2. Hi Phil,

    It seemed the establishment had been upgraded. It is now called the AIA Gourmet, offering local Chinese\Cantonese stuffs, but it appeared to be sort of [Employee Only] now.


  3. as suspected, the building is due for demolition: