Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Chinese Stuntman - Bruce Li (1981) - Y.M.C.A, Salisbury Road

While I wait for my next "international" film to turn up (should've been here last week, but no sign yet), then how about a bit of a filler in the form of a 1981 Bruce Li film co-starring John Ladalski?

Surprisingly, despite starring Li, The Chinese Stuntman (aka Counter Attack), isn't a clone movie and was in fact also directed by him in what looks to be an attempt to break away from all those Bruce Lee-related films. He plays a normal guy (with a talent for fighting) who starts works as an insurance agent and takes on the role of the stand in for a local movie star who appears to be the target of some nefarious shenanigans. Ladalski plays a bolshy westerner who befriends Li after initially challenging him and his kung fu school to a fight.

The opening scene takes place outside the old Y.M.C.A on Salisbury Road where Li's kung fu club is supposedly based.

This older version of the Y.M.C.A (built in 1925) was demolished sometime around 1990 and replaced in 1992 by the current, much larger, building. You can just see the Peninsula Hotel in the background of the last picture.

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