Saturday, May 5, 2018

Supermen Against the Orient - Robert Malcolm (1973) - Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong

Some more views from the opening credits (obviously it's the most interesting part of the film, trust me, it is), this time from Aberdeen. The view below is from the western end of the harbour and you can just see the former power station far right (now South Horizons).

Then there is a quick glimpse of the various floating restaunats and the sequence ends at the other end of Ap Lei Chau looking at the various old boat yards.


  1. Hi Phil,

    The most of the buildings shown int he last screen capture still exist except they have demolished the small wet market and filled up the shipyards to extend the park\playground in the mid 1990s. I remember the old small wet market (visible in the screen) was still there in mid 1990s.


    1. thanks T. Good to know. I have yet to explore ap lei Chau properly. Phil

  2. Hi Phil,

    You could still make out the perimeter of the previous soccer playground in Google maps: