Thursday, May 3, 2018

Supermen Against the Orient - Robert Malcolm (1973) - Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong

Talking of the Central Harbourfront as we just were, the next film to be given the blog treatment is a 1973 Italian production with the name of Supermen Against the Orient, although its Italian title is Crash! Che botte... strippo strappo stroppio. The film centres around a US Agent (Malcolm) sent to Bangkok and then Hong Kong in search of some kidnapped compatriots. Given the fact that the film was shot in both places I find it a bit strange that more wasn't made of Hong Kong as a backdrop. As it turns out most of the best locations appear in the rather choppy opening credits, so the next few posts will feature these. Starting with the Central waterfront.

The picture quality means there's not much to make out, but we do get some closer helicoptered shots around Jardine House (then called the Connaught Centre).

The base of the building still shows signs of construction, although this may have just been the concrete garden/water features being built rather than the building itself (which supposedly opened for business in 1972).

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