Monday, April 23, 2018

Oliver's Story - Ryan O'Neal (1978) - Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

It's time for a new movie I think and Oliver's Story arrived in the post the other day. This one was filmed in 1978 and stars Ryan O'Neal in a sequel to the earlier Love Story (which co-starred Ali MacGraw). In this follow-up, his wife (MacGraw) has already died of leukemia and he basically spends most of the film moping around and feeling sorry for himself. The film is mainly set in New York but towards the end he and his new rich girlfriend (Candice Bergen) head to Hong Kong so she can check out her garment factories and supervise a fashion shoot.

Cue a rather interesting angle of their plane coming into land at Kai Tak from the harbour end (as opposed to the white knuckle ride from the other direction we usually see). Check out the vehicular ferry at the bottom of the screen as well - possibly heading towards the ferry pier in Kwun Tong

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