Sunday, March 4, 2018

Vengeance - Johnny Hallyday (2009) - Bride's Pool Road, Tai Po

From Sai Kung, our heroic assassins (for want of a better word) follow the hitmen to a BBQ site. On the way they drive along Bride's Pool Road (the road that links Tai Mei Tuk in Tai Po to Luk Keng by Starling Inlet). This road is a favourite for cyclists, car drivers and bikers (I've been down there several times myself on my trusty old Kawasaki Ninja). The exact spot we see in the top screen grab is not far past the Chung Pui campsite heading towards Luk Keng direction.

The second grab actually shows us heading back the other way (towards Tai Mei Tuk) just past the aforementioned campsite.

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