Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Code 46 - Tim Robbins (2003) - View from the Peak, Hong Kong

Here's another one of those films with a very limited connection to Hong Kong. It's set in a future where the population is controlled via screening and travel is limited to those who can get temporary insurance cover (issued as small cards called "papeles") in order to enter and exit major cities around the world. Tim Robbin's is a fraud investigator sent to Shanghai to find out who is behind the issue of some fake cards.

Towards the end of the film, Robbins' character mentions that he has to return to Seattle where his family live, but on film the establishing shots for his home life are all of Hong Kong. The credits mention the movie was shot on location but Hong Kong really seems to feature in a very small way.

Anyway, the first glimpse of Hong Kong we see is a night shot from the Peak area looking down to the harbour. The angle looks as though the camera was most likely positioned close to the junction with Peak Road and Magazine gap Road.

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