Monday, January 15, 2018

Men of the Dragon - Jared Martin (1974) - Dragon Garden Publicity Still

The good man, AP, responsible for supplying me with many films seen on the blog sent me this publicity still a while back (several years ago actually) and it slipped my mind until now. There's nothing like a good lull in movie posts to make me go back over old stuff and discover things I had forgotten all about. 

The location is of course Dragon Garden - a familiar location to anyone who has followed this blog over the past few years. Featured are (l to r) Robert Ito, Lisa Kimbro and Jared Martin. The film is pants of course and was done to cash in on the sudden interest in Hong Kong and kung fu following the release of Enter the Dragon. However, some great locations to be found but it's just a shame that the film wasn't good enough to warrant a better quality release. You can see all of the related posts here.

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