Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Largo Winch 2: The Burma Conspiracy - Tomer Sisley (2011) - Central, Hong Kong

If you've read my Largo Winch posts, you'll know the Winch HQ building is completely fake and just been stuck in there during post-production. In the first film they even neglected to do that in a couple of scenes.

In this film they CGI guys seem to be a bit unsure about where to actually put the building. In the original one it did a little bit of moving around as you can see from this post, going from next to the PLA barracks to further towards the Convention Centre. In this sequel it also moves. The first shot shows us looking at the top of the building with the Bank of China behind it to the left and the IFC2 building over at the right.

But in the following shot it has moved all the way up to be right next to Jardine House, meaning the Bank of China couldn't possibly be behind it in the top picture.

Argh! Never mind, it's just the pedant in me coming out. Go watch the film because it's pretty good.

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