Monday, January 22, 2018

Largo Winch 2: The Burma Conspiracy - Tomer Sisley (2011) - Queensway, Central

Another quickie with a couple of limited HK locations - but included here more for completeness because I did a fair amount of location finding for its predecessor, Largo Winch. Once again thanks for the heads up from AP who seems to have a knack for finding HK based stuff I have missed. The film is set after the original (obviously) but has a fair amount of back story that was supposedly happening before the events of the first film. Hong Kong is only really included in a couple of shots because it is supposedly the location of the Winch company HQ.

The opening scene is a shot of a car driving along Queensway in Central. You can see the walkway between Pacific Place and Queensway Plaza in the background.

And then there are a couple of blurry shots of the same stretch of road but on the opposite lane and a little further to the west between the above mentioned walkway and the next footbridge that connects to the Lippo Centre.

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