Friday, January 19, 2018

Game of Death - Bruce Lee (1978) - Rua de Sanches de Miranda, Macau

Another obscure Game of Death discovery to add to the list. It's a brief shot of the baddies car driving down a small road before turning right. It turns out the initial road seen in the first picture is called Calcada da Igreja de São Lazaro. If that name sounds familiar, well it should do because the part of the road is the upper section of a road I posted about all those years ago when first looking at this film.

Calcada da Igreja de São Lazaro (upper)

The camera pans to the left and we are now looking up Rua de Sanches de Miranda. 

Rua de Sanches de Miranda

If the camera had continued panning left then it would have seen this picture from the earlier pot I mentioned above. This tells me that the shot was probably taken at the same time because the camera position seems perfect.

Calcada da Igreja de São Lazaro (lower)

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