Sunday, January 28, 2018

Challenge of the Tiger - Bruce Le (1980) - Oxford Road, Kowloon Tsai

No sooner have the dynamic duo been picked up at the airport and their enemies are onto them already and try to attack them in Kowloon Tong. It's Kowloon Tsai - the area of Kowloon Tong on eastern side of Waterloo Road. The car pulls out of Durham Road and turns left onto Oxford road where it is stopped by the baddies. All hell breaks loose as ol' Bruce does his stuff and dispatches them in true fake Bruce Lee style.

Oxford Road with Durham Road on the right 
Oxford Road looking north 
In the background is the Kowloon Tsai electricity substation

The last two pictures show #16 Durham Road which sits on the corner with Oxford Road with odd windows along its external walls (they're still there) and red gates, and the lower picture shows the house next door which is #28 Oxford Road - since redeveloped into a modern house.

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