Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Challenge of the Tiger - Bruce Le (1980) - Hac Sa Beach, Macau

Much of the latter part of the film was shot in Macau, but we go there a bit earlier than announced for a scene where Richard Harrison, playing the suave womanizing part of the partnership, is picked up on a beach by an enemy spy - wearing a red bikini...

The beach in question is Hac Sa beach on Coloane island - the southern most part of Macau. We been to Coloane previously on this blog (e.g the opening section of Largo Winch) but not to Hac Sa beach as far as I am aware.

In 1980, the Grand Coloane Resort (formerly the Westin Resort Macau - once managed by Starwood, it is now managed by the Harilela Group) had yet to be built, as had the row of houses along the southern headland of the bay giving the beach a much more unspoilt and rugged look. Actually, if you look at the second picture you can see some excavation going on at the cliff side in the background - it looks like the formation work for the resort was underway by 1980.

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