Friday, December 15, 2017

China Rose - George C. Scott (1983) - Wellington Street, Central

After having their strange lunch with old triad boss guy, the couple head out onto the street - surprisingly there are no geographical shenanigans going on here and they correctly exit onto Wellington Street. Most of the shops and buildings seen on the right (north) side of the street have already been demolished and replaced. Some fairly recently. The white building in the far back ground is called the Mandarin Building. It's still there but now dwarfed by its close neighbours.

The stone steps seen on the left here are where Staveley Street cuts across Wellington Street.

The couple notice they are being followed and turn down peel Street. The building in the penultimate picture with the metal windows is the Tai Cheung Pawn Shop - it's still there and hasn't changed.


  1. Hi Phil,

    This new group of screen capture made me think of the Lin Heung scene was taken in the older version of it. I believe both Scott and McGraw were walking towards Cochrane Street. In the first two captures, the older version of Lin Heung (the building in green) could be seen with the green neon sign.

    In the last capture they walked passed a pawn shop which still exist ( On the other hand, China Rose was listed as a TV movie in IMDB. In this respect the movie might have been filmed about a decade earlier. Might have to do some date matching of the two Lin Heung sites, I guess.


    1. Hi Thomas, you could be right. I was basing my assumption on an image that popped up in google when searching for Lin Heung:

      It shows the same wooden decor. However, I've never visited either venue, so have no idea if the old one was set out the same. I think 83 as a date should be accurate enough, there are various buildings missing/included in some of the shots to be reasonably close.