Friday, December 1, 2017

China Rose - George C. Scott (1983) - Escola de Policia das Forças de Segurança, Taipa

Although now used as a Police Training School, hence the name (Escola de Policia das Forças de Segurança), this building was once part of the Portuguese Garrison in Macau and served as a barrack building. These days it is painted a rather bright red and access seems to be limited - perhaps also because of the new PLA barracks right next door - but back in 1983 it was white and looking a bit worse for wear.

The low lying buildings in the background are Taipa village and if you look closely in the background of the third picture you can see the distant hillside of Taipa Pequena and a few of the older houses that line Estrada Lou Lim Ieok. Looking at my copy of Jason Wordie's book on Macau, it looks like other than a paint job the building is unchanged, including its little stone staircase.

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