Saturday, December 9, 2017

China Rose - George C. Scott (1983) - Aberdeen Harbour, Aberdeen

A quick trip to Aberdeen and the Tai Pak where Scott accidentally bumps into one of his neighbours from back in the US. They board the sampans along the seafront with Abba House in the background (before it had the word ABBA emblazoned across the podium level in large red letters) and the second shot shows the view across the harbour to the Ap Lei Chau housing estate and the old power station on the far right (since replaced by South Horizons).

Out on the water we get a view of the Tai Pak that will be familiar with anyone who has taken a trip through Aberdeen Harbour by boat. I even (almost) have my own version of this shot.

The last shot shows Brick Hill (far background) and a smaller, developed hill on the left. This view is now obscured by a high rise development called Broadview Court, built on the waterfront in 2001. It looks like the Aberdeen Boat Club (behind the sampan awning on the left) was around at the time but I think this was before the Aberdeen Marina Club was built.

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