Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Medallion - Jackie Chan (2003) - Soy Street, Mongkok

Quickly moving on to the proper location stuff and the main scene with JC trying to eat some fried squid was shot at the junction of Soy Street and Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok. One of the reasons I recognise this corner is because of the TCBY sign in the background - it was still there when I arrived full time in HK back in 2006. It disappeared soon after, mind you, along with all the other outlets - much to everyone's disappointment.

The small eatery where JC is feeding the dog was on the NW corner of the junction but has since been replaced by a 7-11 - or at least it was when the Streetview car passed by.

 Now a 7-11
JC then runs across Soy Street between passing cars. The shop in the lower picture was on the SW side of the junction. Also no longer there.

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