Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Rush Hour - Jackie Chan (1998) - Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, Hong Kong

The initial part of Rush Hour is set in the immediate run up to the Hong Kong handover in 1997, so it's not surprising that one of the shots from the opening sequence shows us the newly completed extension to the Convention Centre, which was the venue for the Handover proceedings. That's it, centre-screen of the top picture.

The rest of the Hong Kong sequence involves the raid on a ship berthed in the typhoon shelter in Causeway Bay. It's the same location that Ratner would return to to film to yacht scene in Rush Hour 2.

There's also another angle of this area in this main opening. It's the area between the Convention Centre and the typhoon shelter but for some reason shot from further away. You can see the SIEMENS and HITACHI signs attached to the Great Eagle and Harbour Centres.

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