Thursday, November 30, 2017

China Rose - George C. Scott (1983) - Rua de Nossa Senhora do Amparo, Macau

After leaving the embassy in canton, the pair walk down a small Chinese street busy with blue-suited citizens. Actually this road in Macau is not far from the St Paul ruins. It's called Rua de Nossa Senhora do Amparo and has several small lanes (called "Travessa" in Portuguese) leading from it.

MacGraw and Scott walk out of Calçada do Amparo, turn right and walk down Rua de Nossa Senhora do Amparo and pass Travessa do Fogão and Travessa da Dorna on their left. The street looks fairly similar even today although it has been tidied up a bit.

Calçada do Amparo
Rua de Nossa Senhora do Amparo
Travessa do Fogão on the right
Travessa da Dorna (also right)

The last screencap shows the section of the road where it widens and becomes Rua da Tercena. Interesting to see, although blurry, that the Macau street signs used to have the Chinese name on the right. These days the signs have the Chinese written above the Portuguese. Here's a long shot I missed from the original post.

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