Tuesday, November 28, 2017

China Rose - George C. Scott (1983) - Carminho dos Artilheiros, Macau

Almost a new month upon us so here is a new film to look at courtesy of my good friend AP. I had no idea this film, China Rose, existed until he mentioned it to me and was kind enough to send me his copy for the benefit of the blog. So a big thanks to AP once again.

It turns out that the year before Michael Biehn (pronounced like "bean" in case you ever wondered) was to be forever associated with Kyle Reese, he was hot-footing it around Hong Kong trying to avoid being found by a bunch of triads. His dad, played by George C. Scott, enlists the help of a guide (Ali MacGraw) to help him track down his long lost son and much intrigue ensues.

Actually, it's not a bad film if you can stand the sight of George and Ali having a smooch at the end (I got a little bit of sick in my mouth as I was recalling the scene just then). There are some great places to see in Hong Kong and Macau including some new angles on old places.

The film supposedly starts off in Guangzhou (Canton) but as with most films of a certain era, Macau had to stand in for the Mainland. One of the first places to spot is the walls of Monte Fort in Macau.

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