Sunday, November 19, 2017

Battleship - Taylor Kitsch (2012) - Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

A bit of a weird entry I must admit, and I am still trying to fathom why Hong Kong even features on this film at all given that most of the action is set in and around the Hawaiian island chain. The film is basically about aliens invading Earth after responding to a deep space message from the human race. The HK connection arises from their journey to Earth when one of their ships hits a satellite and breaks apart with a massive chunk flying in and hitting Hong Kong.I can only think the film was aiming to have some appeal to Chinese audiences and destroying a city on the Mainland (such as Beijing or Shanghai) would probably have not made it past Chinese censors...but I'm just guessing.

Anyway, we start with a couple of establishing shots filmed around the harbour area. First a view of the Wanchai waterfront with the Convention Centre on the left. The second angle (third image) was taken mush further to the west with one of the Shun Tak Centre towers in view.

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