Friday, October 6, 2017

Lust, Caution - Tang Wei (2007) - Tin Hau Temple Road, Tai Hang

I have Hiram to thank for this following location (I would never have been able to locate it otherwise) from a comment he left on one of my posts last year. Yes, sometimes it really does take me that long to get around to doing stuff!

It's the dai pai dong scene and as you can read from Hiram's comment, the crew weren't really supposed to be there. The steps mentioned are still around and lead up to a road referred to as New Eastern Terrace, although Centamap still has an offshoot of Tin Hau Temple Road. In the upper picture you can see an old wall at the top of the steps at the back, but either it was fake or has since been replaced by a new development ("The Pavilia Hill"). I suspect the latter.

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