Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ghost in the Shell - Scarlett Johansson (2017) - Yee Wo Street Circular Walkway Set

In the second location that isn't a location we go to the finale where Major discovers her past and takes on the HANKA spider tank. In this scene the set is based on the very unique and instantly recognisable circular walkway that straddles Yee Wo Street in Causeway Bay.

The film makers created a replica of the walkway in the studio and then proceeded to blow it to kingdom come. The main set looks like a full size replica, so people watching the film might be fooled into thinking the movie was actually shot here, but sadly no. The road is a fairly major thoroughfare for cars, buses and trams and I don't think it would've been possible the close the place down for hours at a time - even during the night - without cause *ahem* "Major" disruption.

So, for now this is my last Ghost in the Shell post, but many of the locations are easy to get to so I may venture out with a my camera at some point and try to get some replica angles.

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