Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ghost in the Shell - Scarlett Johansson (2017) - Pak Hoi St, Yau Ma Tei

At the time of filming, the local papers were reporting that there was some taking place on Pak Hoi Street in Yau Ma Tei. The local production company tried to deflect interest by announcing the shooting would take place with doubles and, although doubles were present, lots of shots were done using the main stars.

This particular butchers stall is a real one at the junction with Reclamation Street. and other than the odd stallholder and overlayed blue writing, looks pretty much as it does in real life. This is the shop where Batou buys bones for his adopted dogs.

This scene is immediately preceded by a shot taken at the junction with Shanghai Street with Pak Hoi Street leading away (to the east) behind the actors back towards the butchers stall.

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