Friday, October 6, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Robinson Road, Mid-levels

A big thanks to Thomas for spotting this next one from Foxbat. It's one of the locations involved in the bus/ambulance/car chase through town that started in Pok Fu Lam and ends in Wanchai. The main clue here was really the s-shaped bend in the road and the buildings in the background that turned out to be a development called "The Panorama".

The two balconied buildings in the foreground have both sadly been redeveloped into something with less style and character. "The Panorama" is the white building at the back and sits on Conduit Road. You might be able to make out the construction of a new building below it - covered in scaffolding. This looks to be the start of what became "Right Mansion" at 29 Robinson Road and was completed in 1978, so the timeline for the filming fits quite well. Anyway, the modern Streetview version can be seen below.

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