Monday, October 2, 2017

Die Jungen Tiger von Hongkong - Robert Woods (1969) - Yi Chun Street, Sai Kung

Here's an image that people familiar with Sai Kung might find hard to reconcile with how it looks today. The car chase that we covered in a couple of posts (Fung Sau Road and Tai Mong Tsai Road) ends when the doctor parks his car in Sai Kung town and heads off on foot (and ends up in Tuen Mun!). The shot of the parked car was taken at the western end of Yi Chun Street with the old cinema (the Sai Kung Theatre) in the background. 

The cinema building is still around but is now emblazoned with "Pets Central" and also had (until recently at least, because I have been told it has just closed down) "Steamers" bar/cafe located in the side we can see above. Modern day Yi Chun Street runs along the side of the old cinema building where it meets the sea.

But look at the big empty bit of space behind the car. This is the area that now contains Sai Kung Market and the excellently named "Wan King Path". The buildings that exist here now were built in 1975 so I guess we can put the reclamation of this area to the early- to mid-70s. Sharp Island can be seen in the distance.

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