Saturday, October 14, 2017

Around the World in 80 Days - Pierce Brosnan (1989) - Sai Kung Public Pier, Sai Kung

In order to get to Yokohama on time to catch the paddle steamer "General Grant" to San Francisco, Fogg and friends try to get themselves onto a boat bound for Japan only to find out they can be taken up to Shanghai and catch their crossing from there instead. The small vessel they catch to Shanghai is the "Tankadere" - a small junk that sinks on the way.

They board this junk in what is unmistakably Sai Kung public pier - a place I know quite well from the multitude of times I've hopped on and off dive boats there. In the show though, the white round pillars holding up the roof have been surrounded by some badly painted cardboard to make them look like wood.

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