Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Le Monocle Rit Jaune - Paul Meurisse (1964) - Concrete Causeway in Macau

I'm trying to find old pictures of Macau that feature this concrete breakwater and I think it's the one marked as "長命橋石基" in the top picture of this blog post - I'm pretty certain anyway.  It looks as though this place originated from the southern tip of the peninsula and extended a short distance into the outer harbour. The concrete section ended in the stone wall that can be seen in the lowest picture. It's the location of their (unsuccessful) rendezvous.

The camera shot is a right to left pan taking in much of the bay area when it was fairly pristine and dotted with islands. The distance land in the first couple of shots are of the Chinese islands including Siu Wang Kam Island (now known as Xiaohengqin) with the western edge of Taipa starting on the left of picture 2 before taking the full background up in picture 3.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get Autostitch to recognise anything common in these pictures - I guess it has its limits when it comes to grainy monochrome screen caps - but managed to mash-up a panorama with the help of GIMP 2. You can see the results below. Click for a close up.

The concrete causeway ended in this stone cross section which appears to stretch on for quite a distance. You can't see it here but there were huts on here that contained wooden machinery for hauling up and lowering large fishing nets that had been rigged to lie almost horizontally in the water. If anyone has more information about this type of fishing in Macau, it would be interesting to here about.

Finally an image looking back towards the peninsula. Believe it or not, this causeway location coincides roughly with where the Wynn Casino/hotel now stands on Rua Cidade De Sintra. Even by my first trip to Macau in 1996 (before Taipa and Coloane were connected by the Cotai Strip) this area had long been reclaimed and turned into a commercial district.

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