Thursday, July 13, 2017

Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon - Sonny Chiba (1977) - Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Aberdeen and the area around it crops up a few times in this film, from a brief glimpse of the Tai Pak in the opening credits (first pic) to the main assassination scene when Golgo goes to the roof of a building (the Kwai Bo Industrial Building along Wong Chuk Hang Road) and tries to shoot his target who is presiding over the opening of a new swimming pool - in reality the Pao Yue Kong Swimming Pool Complex in Shum Wan.

Tai Pak and Sea Palace from the opening credits

The following shots are taken from the roof of the Kwai Bo Industrial Building. It still stands on the corner of Wong Chuk Hang Road and Nam Long Shan Road.

The old Ap Lei Chau power station at the back
Golgo's target is officiating over the opening of a new swimming pool. In 1977 it was the newly built Urban Council Aberdeen Swimming Pool, but since the disbandment of the democratically elected Urban Council (should give you a hint why it was disbanded following the handover), it is now called the Pao Yue Kong Swimming Pool - named in honour of the shipping magnate Sir Y.K. Pao.

In the top picture below we can see Chiba looking ocver to the swimming pool complex from the Kwai Bo Industrial Building rooftop. The collection of buildings in the centre of the picture is the "St Mary's Home for the Aged" - it's still around. Also still around is the school building at the top left of the picture - its the "San Wui Commercial Society of HK Chan Pak Sha School".

There is also a brief glimpse of the front entrance to the pool complex on Sham Wan Road. I've included some modern day Streetview images below for comparison.

Several buildings at the back are still evident (including the aforementioned Kwai Bo building - third left). The buildings at the top of the road in the film have been removed to make way for the new Wong Chuk Hang MTR station.

The building in the background centre-left of the Streetview picture (bottom) is the Aberdeen Marina Club.

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